My Bout of Touch Disease

by Alpha Geek

Fri, Sep 30, 2016

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus suffers from a serious illness called “Touch Disease” and my phone suffered from it as well. I bought AppleCare with my phone because I had just dropped my previous phone in the tub and figured it was worth the extra dough to know that I could get it replaced if I did that again.

So it all started about 5 or 6 months ago. The phone’s touch screen would become completely unresponsive every so often. I found that if I turned the phone off using the hardware button on the side and then turned it back on sometimes, maybe 70% of the time, the touch screen would start working again. This went on for several months. It was frustrating but I figured it was a symptom of the small crack that I got on the side of the phone about a year before. Anyway, it wasn’t bad enough to make me want to go in for a repair.

About 8 weeks ago, that changed. The screen started behaving as if someone were randomly touching it. Again, sometimes this behavior would abate if I turned off the phone using the hardware button on the side. This made the phone completely unusable. It called random people. It opened random apps. I was afraid my phone would order a big screen TV or something like that using my Amazon app. So for about 2 weeks I basically had a phone I could not trust to open. So it contacted Apple for a “Genius Bar” appointment. At first the “Genius” said I would have to pay for a new phone since it was out of warranty. My reaction was “I have AppleCare!” and she said, “No you don’t.”.

Since I had just confirmed on Apple’s AppleCare site that I did in fact have AppleCare on this device, I had to insist that she was wrong. We then went to Apple’s site and I put in my serial number and sure enough the site said I had AppleCare. So after talking with a call center type for a few minutes, she came back and told me they had fixed it and that the AppleCare was showing up in her system now.

At that point she hands me a new iPhone 6 Plus w/64GB and I walk out of the store with a working phone. I am going to buy AppleCare on all my phones from now on.