Remembering Steve Jobs

by Dana H. P'Simer
Wed, Oct 5, 2011

I was 12 years old in 1980 when I first saw an Apple computer. It was at a friends house. He showed me some games, used a synthesizer program to create some music and showed me a program he had written and I was hooked. I went home that night with a recording of the music and played it for my father. I said, if we had an Apple II we could do things like that. I really wanted it. Well my dad, being an electrical engineer, was into electronic gadgets and I guess he thought it would be good to have a computer in the family, so he bought one! We got the Language Card with it so that we would have an extra 16KB of memory and UCSD Pascal.

The Common Denominator of Successful Programmers

by Dana H. P'Simer
Sat, Jun 27, 2009

I just read The Common Denominator of Success by Albert N. E. Grey. Please take the time to read it now as I will be referring to concepts in it. My boss, Ashley, had suggested it as an inspirational piece. As I read the piece I was struck by how relevant it is to so much more than just Life-Insurance salesmanship. As he discussed some of the things that insurance salesmen do not like to do I started to list off in my head the things that Programmers do not like to do but should do if they want to be successful. When I read about how having a purpose makes the formation of these habits possible I started to think about what purpose a programmer would need to make forming the habits of successful programmers possible.

PHP File Upload Size Issues

by Dana H. P'Simer
Sat, Jun 21, 2008

Ran into a problem when I was maintaining a customer’s site today. They wanted to upload 10 - 20 MB movies as attachments to their Drupal blog posts. The standard limit set in Drupal is 2MB. I changed the setting to no avail. There was a note at the bottom stating that my PHP settings limited the upload to 4MB. So I did a search and come up with this post. So I changed my upload_max_filesize setting to “20M” this still did not work. The problem is that PHP also limits the post size and my default config limited post size to 8MB. So to increase the PHP upload limit one must check both the upload_max_filesize and the post_max_size settings are setup to allow the size of uploads they want to do.

IE Rendering Problems Solved

by Dana H. P'Simer
Wed, Nov 29, 2006

Well I figured out what was causing my IE Rendering problems. I was using a "code" tag and that seemed to throw off the floating of the right hand navigation elements. Weird but it looked great in Firefox. This is not new but, damn I wish IE would just implement the standards. Perhaps a meta tag could be created that tells IE to use a standards compliant interpretation of CSS and HTML. That way, a standards compliant web site can just add a meta tag and IE will render it correctly without all the weirdnesses that are left in for "backwards compatibility".

For a great site on the power of CSS check out the CSS Zen Garden.

A Review of jBPM

by Dana H. P'Simer
Thu, Jun 1, 2006

Lately I have been reading the hype surrounding the concept of Business Process Modeling (BPM) systems. I always take this stuff with a grain of salt because I have not seen an idea that lived up the hype since the Object Oriented hype of the early nineties. I know some would debate that point and of course I don’t mean to say that OO lived up to some of the more absurd hype. I remember some marketing fools actually were saying that OO would allow us to get rid of programmers. However, in this case, I think BPM and Graph Oriented Design/Programming has the potential to rival OO in its impact on our industry and jBPM is an excellent entry into this market.

SOA - Something old & Something New

by Dana H. P'Simer
Tue, Jun 14, 2005

I just read the article linked above and I have to tell you I am never surprised at how often I hear old ideas repackaged as new ones and then marketed aggressively like they were some kind of handed down wisdom. The truth is, SOA adds very little but a buzz word. Grady Booch was talking about loose coupling being imperative for programming in the large, as he put it, back in 1994. Back in 2000 the buzz was “Component” architectures and further back it was “Object-Oriented”. The problem is not with the technologies, it is with the people.