Learn Go

by AlphaGeek

Sat, Jun 24, 2017

Learn Go

This is a terrific primer on Go. Brian Will covers a number of nuances that are good to be familiar with before writing non-trivial programs. The narrator’s style is concise and clear. Even though I am quite familiar with Go, I found it entertaining and learned a few things I did not know.

He presents it drawing parallels for JavaScript programmers but anyone familar with modern programming languages should be able to understand quite well. I particularly like the way he explains the type system. With each new built in type he discusses how the type is represented in memory so that we can better understand the implications of the language rules we have to follow.

The vidoes are presented in 4 parts with the first being on basic functions and program structure, and the last discussing goroutines, channels and panics. Each piece builds on the preceding pieces in a logical succession.