Apple's Big Announcements at WWDC 2017

by AlphaGeek

Mon, Jun 5, 2017

Recode has a nice writeup of what was announced at WWDC 2017 today. Here are my thoughts on the items:


I am excited to see that Amazon Prime will come to the Apple device. This was one of the main reasons I have not bought another since my Gen 1 died. The combination of Amazon Prime and other video sources could be just the thing to make me want one.

watchOS 4

I really liked the last upgrade to the watchOS and I think I will like this one. I am interested to see how the new Siri watchface works as I am unable to find one that I think is perfect. Perhaps Siri can create the perfect watch face for me.

macOS High Sierra

As a professional developer that does not make his living building applications for the macOS or iOS platforms my main concern is keeping my development environment operational. New versions of the macOS almost always disrupt that. I will probably wait until the kinks have been worked out before upgrading. The news that the Unity and Unreal game engines will be supported means I might be able to play more games on my Mac. I hope so. I hate running a Windoze box just to play games.

New Macs

I have to say I am very interested in the new iMac Pro. That sounds like a great dev rig.

iOS Changes

Wow there are alot of these. I like most of what I am reading but nothing really stands out except maybe the new multitasking features. Another is the AR Kit. This could be a game changer. We’ll have to see how this pans out.

iPad Pro 10.5”

I don’t even use my iPad anymore so I am not interested in a new iPad Pro but I would think this could be a nice addition to the line-up for users that like the iPad in lieu of a full laptop or macBook Air.


First I think it’s over priced. Many will say that’s what Apple does but when competitors that are already in the market have popular top of the line versions that are just over 12 that price they better be offering a substatial increase in value. So far the press release and the Recode article don’t give me any indications that this thing will do anything like what we see from the Echo. We’ll see but I am still more inclined to by an Echo.