Subversion Version Mismatch

by Dana H. P'Simer

Wed, Apr 7, 2010

I installed a new 320GB hard drive into my MacBook Pro last night. Time Machine makes this stuff really easy now. I left it restoring last night around 1am and came back to it around 8am and was able to simply reboot into my restored disk with 170GB free space and 7200RPM speed. Nice.

However, when I went to build the latest version of the software my team develops, I got an odd error:

svn: Mismatched RA version for 'https': found 1.6.2, expected 1.6.5

I had never seen this before. I am not sure why after restoring from a backup this could have happened but it did. So I start googling. I found this forum post over at They say reinstalling the 10.6.2 Combo patch for OS X solved their problem. So I tried using Software Update to update the Mac's software. There was a 10.6.3 update available so I applied it. After that the error changed to:

svn: Mismatched RA version for 'neon': found 1.6.2, expected 1.6.5

At this point, I did not think downloading a 10.6.2 patch and applying it to a 10.6.3 OS install was a good idea, to say the least. So I thought I would just install the latest version of subversion from Collab.Net. That solved my problem, somewhat. The installation of subversion that came with Snow Leopard is still there. There is a new installation in '/opt/subversion' that was installed by Collab.Net's installer. As long as the '/opt/subversion/bin' directory appears first in the path, my SVN commands execute. Please see this article for information on how to set environment variables in Mac OS X.